Reverend Dave Cho

Reverend Dave (aka PDave) is husband to Reverend Faith and father to their four children — Moriah, Elias, River and Adalynn. As lead pastor of The River, Reverend Dave provides teaching and guidance for the ministry as a whole.

He is passionate about preaching and empowering this generation.
He is also into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a huge NY Giants fan!



Reverend Faith Cho

Reverend Faith co-pastors alongside Reverend Dave, and is the mother to their four beautiful children, all of whom she had by the time she turned 30. She carries a contagious passion for life, and contends to see revival spread across the globe.

Reverend Faith spearheads the justice front of The River and is also the director of The Honor Summit. In her downtime, you might find her enjoying a dirty chai latte and the darkest of chocolates! You can also catch her on her personal website Pearls by Faith.



Ben Kim

Ben is husband to Christina and a new father to their daughter Rachael. Ben, having graduated Columbia University with a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering, now works full-time as a researcher at NYP/Columbia University Medical Hospital.

Serving as the Executive Director of The River, Ben ensures the integrity in finances, facilities, and systems within the organization. If you can’t find him in the lab or at church, you will most likely find him at a CrossFit Box.



Annie Park

Annie has a passion to see excellence transcend in all aspects of The River ministry. When serving as the Operations Director, she oversees all aspects of the weekend experience, and her administrative responsibilities include giving oversight to the development of The River ministry.

She also works full-time as Senior Producer at SoulCycle in NYC, and excels in producing various sorts of media content. You can always find Annie with some dessert treat and often times, an oat latte on hand.



Joyce Lee

Joyce, as Prayer Director of The River, spearheads The Rhema Team which is The River’s prayer & intercessory ministry. Joyce dreams to see the The River being activated by the Holy Spirit to live in its fullest potential and move in the Spirit.

After graduating from SVA NYC, Joyce has always used her creative gifting in various areas of life. She currently works as a barista at a local cafe in NJ, and considers it a stepping stone to one day opening up her own cafe!



Steve Chang

Steve is husband to Jacklyn, who also serves under the Worship Team, and father to their three children, Tydus, Anorah, and Camryn. Steve desires to cultivate a heart of worship in all areas of life, and carries the heart of a father wherever he goes.

His dream is to see true worshipers arise and be equipped with their own song in this generation. Steve loves to get to know people and will always welcome you into the family. He is also a sneaker fanatic and has one too many sneakers in his personal collection.



Serena Han

Serena is the head of all food & welcoming in The River, and has a heart to see all members flourishing in our ministry. She has a passion to connect with newcomers and the gifting to make them feel comfortable. Overseeing the Sunday experience, Serena desires to see the The River ministry’s fellowship thrive.

When not at church or cooking a grand home-cooked meal, Serena is also the Media Supervisor at an advertising agency in NYC.